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Our Product Offering
Schön Peesol Energy’s systems use only the finest components that are manufactured to the highest of standards and strict quality assurance procedures.signiferumque. 
  1. Conext XW+
    Conext XW+
    ConextTM XW+ is an adaptable single-phase and three-phase inverter/charger system with grid-tie functionality and dual AC power inputs. Available solar charge controllers, monitoring, and automated generator control modules enable further adaptability.
    Off grid power Inverter/charger ICellpower inverter is a combination of an inverter, charger and transfer switch into one complete system. When AC power is available, the inverter recharges the batteries. It also allows any surplus AC power to pass through and power downstream AC loads, such as a television set or microwave oven. When AC power is disconnected, the unit inverts DC battery power into AC electricity.
  3. Outback Flex Power Radian
    Outback Flex Power Radian
    Outback Flex Power Radian Inverter/Charger – (1.3kw – 30kw) Outback makes only pure sine wave inverter/chargers in sealed and vented configurations from 1.3kw and 3kw. Up to 10 Outback inverters can be stacked in parallel and three phase for power output as high as 30kw.
    ROY SOLAR is the expert of solar electric power for the areas affected by a lack or insufficiency of electricity, but with good sunlight power.
  5. Su Kam Tubular Series
    Su Kam Tubular Series
    Su-Kam's tubular batteries are highly reliable as compared to normal flat plate batteries. They are designed and built for performing consistently under any kind of condition making it suitable for sensitive and heavy applications. Equipped with features like Faster charging, low maintenance and longer standby life Su-kam's tubular battery series makes just the perfect fit for your uses.
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